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The most commonly asked question when looking through a client’s home is ―WHAT IMPROVEMENTS CAN I MAKE THAT WILL INCREASE THE VALUE OF MY PROPERTY?‖ Many people make a profit by buying properties, improving them and then re-selling. You may not be in the property investment business, but the main concept is the same.
Here is some insight into the home improvement game and some guidance into where you should focus your time:

** MARKET VALUE | The market value of your home is the price you can expect to receive for your home. This is based on location, motivation, market conditions, and of course, features and improvements. When making any major upgrades to your home, it is best to be sure that you will see a tangible increase in the market value when it comes time to sell.
Put in a Nickel, Will You Get Back a Dime? | What is your time and effort worth? Too many times we meet people who are eager to do the work, but don’t consider the buyer’s perspective. Some people may pay more for some features that won’t matter to others. Consult a professional to determine if the improvements you choose will be worth your money and will give you a return. Make sure this number is worth your time.

** FLOORING |Upgrading from carpet or lino to hardwood, vinyl plank or tile makes an enormous difference. Focus on look rather than price, since many buyers cannot tell the difference.
**KITCHENS |This is usually the focal point of the house. Open concepts and modern colours are key. Consider refinishing existing cabinets and just replacing the counter-tops to save money.

**BATHROOMS |Freeing up room in the bathroom makes a big difference. Pedestal sinks can work well for this. Modern looking tile goes a long way.

 **PAINT |Interior and exterior. Use neutral or modern colours and unless you are a pro, avoid creative patterns. No murals.


 |The sale ability of a home is best described as the overall impression your home leaves in the minds of potential buyers. Simple maintenance items may not add dollars to your market value, but will certainly ensure that your home sells as quickly and as close to your asking price as possible.